Now more than ever, we must examine the fabrication that brought us all to the present.






Before further clicks or taps, a message:

This site is strictly an expressive outlet;

A call to action against the longest living struggle that has suffocated the what could be the world’s greatest nation: race.

This is not for the fearful, the hateful, or the close-minded…

This is for those who seek answers to those questions that most would find uncomfortable to answer.

It’s for those minds that have wondered, in one way or another,

what is race?

More specifically, race in America. How did it come to be such a phenomena that affects all aspects of our daily lives…when it doesn’t exist really? Why has it become such a downfall on society for some and the biggest monopoly for others? And better yet, how much is it really relevant?

I invite you to gain perspective, from one curious open-mind to another, to view what has enlightened me to start this blog. ..