Off-White/Eggshell/Or other Pastels

I am French

I am Polish

I am Russian

I am German

I am Swedish

I am Irish

I am Jewish

or a variation. Despite what you think, no I am not your oppressor and no my aims are not to burn anything down let alone sport a white pointy cap someday.

Phew… Now that that’s clear.

It is a common misconception that my fair skin– no, my lighter skin, means that I dislike anyone else for no good reason. (why exactly is whiter skin “fairer”?)

Well to put it straight, my ancestors came here for the same reasons yours probably did: to seek opportunity.

With the potato famine in the 1800s, the increase in industrialization, lack of religious freedom, and war-violence from anti-Semitic leaders, it just seemed like a far enough getaway…

My ancestors say this country seemed so much bigger back then; and according to their stories, it was no where near their expectations.

Sure some made a good sum here and there by luck or connections but most of them…most of them worked until they were old and died…

(More info here)

Apparently they were not American enough, or “native” enough.


Came here poor, tried to work for success but ultimately pushed down as well by the lords above again, they said.

Well they survived and this is now:




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