First off,

Special thanks to Paul Burke and Shane Logan for the inspiration and insight I will never forget.


About the Site

Based in California, started maintenance in March of 2016. Still under construction and finding it’s wheels, the hope of the blog is to raise awareness on a fundamental issue of our society that we all face; it is often ignored, brushed off, or bottled up until its affects are seen in the worst of events. It started as a project, but is now one step toward a mission that I invite you take with me.

As the site’s author, I humbly introduce myself and hope that you, the reader, receive something out of these moments.

Whether you want to throw something at your device after visiting and never want to see the website again or perhaps you find some perspective in the words and images here, my aims are that if you are the latter, that you let it sink in. That’s the first step. And then share the link:


Thank you for your open-mind and heart.


Jasmine M. Nguyen